Adventure Club

The adventure club offers the youth the experience of Outdoor education, training and recreation to promote active learning through direct personal experience and provide excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.

Active learning and adventure outdoors can take place in a variety of environments: rural and urban, local and more remote. Outdoor education, training and recreation involve the young people in a wide range of experiences, including adventurous activities on land and water and activities with an environmental focus. Methods used include skills-focused learning, problem solving, team building and self-reliant journeys and activities, with residential experience a particularly valued feature.
Challenging experience outdoors impacts powerfully upon a young person’s intellectual, physical, social and moral development.

Use of the outdoors contributes to personal growth and social awareness and develops skills for life and the world of work. Qualities such as a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured. There is also a great deal of basic enjoyment and satisfaction to be experienced from participation in outdoor activities.

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